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Concrete Services has been proudly serving Calgary and surrounding areas since 2001. We are rapidly expanding our company and services to provide professional, quality work to our valued customers. We are passionate at what we do and strive to meet and exceed.

We specialize in residential concrete projects:  such as Concrete Driveways, Concrete Sidewalks, Concrete Patio’s and Detached Pads etc. We will custom build to your specific needs, offering a variety of patterns, colors, and finishes for your project. Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Priority!!! Give us a call today for your Free Estimate or Email us your information.

Commercial Projects

Bobcat services

Like you our customer, every one of our wood framed projects are unique and original. With more than 40 combined...

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Residential Projects

Concrete Service

From standard broom finished concrete to exposed concrete even custom colored and stamped concrete; our customers are assured of a...

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Landscaping Service

Renovating and upgrading your yard will not only promote and compliment a healthier environment; but it will also dramatically increase...

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